Introducing the beauty of kimono to individuals around the world

We introduce and deliver the refined beauty of kimono, a traditional Japanese garment, crafted by skilled artisans, to individuals around the world


Preserving traditional Japanese artisan craftsmanship as a kimono shop

Preserving traditional
Japanese artisan craftsmanship as a kimono shop

The brand Jurei was founded by Chizuru Yoshioka, who was captivated by the beauty of traditional Japanese garment, the kimono and began to learn the art of kimono from scratch. As our passion for kimonos grew alongside her, we started questioning the distribution system in the Japanese kimono industry. Currently, many kimonos are not directly sold by the artisans who do create them. They are usually sold through multiple different intermediaries, with each adding their own markup. This system only benefits the intermediaries, while the artisans are not properly recognized and rewarded for their skills and contribution to the art of Kimono making. We refuse to engage in a business that solely benefits intermediaries. Our mission is to deliver kimonos directly from artisans to the customers and not only in Japan but worldwide and also establish a kimono industry where artisans are fairly appreciated and evaluated as well.

Enhancing Inherited Beauty for the Future

Enhancing Inherited Beauty
for the Future

In Japan, the act of creating kimonos has traditionally been called ‘o-atae,’ where artisans pour all of their skills and craftsmanship into fulfilling customer orders, crafting unique and custom-made garments of exquisite beauty down to the smallest detail. However, in recent years, the dominance of profit-driven intermediaries in the kimono industry has led to the proliferation of standardized kimonos, resulting in a loss of meticulous craftsmanship. While recognizing this, we believe in giving artisans the opportunity to showcase their technical skills and artistic creativity once again. Since 2003, we have been organizing individual exhibitions within Japan, with the purpose of not selling kimonos commercially. These exhibitions feature kimonos, which the artisans have purely pursued for their beauty, while attracting over 10,000 visitors each time. People are captivated by the artisans’ skills

Sharing the narrative woven within kimono

Sharing the narrative
woven within kimono

We not only sell kimonos but also provide knowledge and enjoyment of wearing them. Rather than focusing on kimonos that we want to sell, we pursue kimonos and styles that suit each individual customer personally, offering optimal coordination according to seasons and events. Through our dressing classes, we share our years of accumulated knowledge and the joy of wearing kimonos. In recent years, we have also arranged visits to artisans’ workshops, providing opportunities to experience the thoughts of the creators. We invite you to join us in spreading the culture of kimono worldwide. We provide you accessible knowledge about kimonos, starting from the basics to advanced, in a very clear and concise way.


Aesthetic sensibility learned from artisans

The production of kimono involves numerous different processes, each handled by specialized artisans. The production of kimono textiles takes place in various regions throughout Japan, each nurturing its own unique techniques and beauty. We have visited each production area and honed our ability to discern authentic techniques through conversations with individual artisans. Our refined taste, cultivated through learning from skilled artisans, enables us to discern high-quality pieces.

Making kimono enjoyable for beginners

We help beginners enjoy kimono with confidence by offering easy-to-understand guidance on dressing techniques and offer tips on choosing the right kimono for various occasions. Expensive doesn’t always mean better when it comes to kimono. We offer the most suitable products, ranging from formal kimono for specific occasions to casual and enjoyable yukata, according to your wearing needs.

Offering high-quality kimonos at fair market prices

We eliminate intermediaries and deliver the product directly to the customers through direct orders to artisans, ensuring fair prices without middlemen margins. We value fair transactions that satisfy both those who wear kimonos and the artisans who create them.


Kimono is made from natural materials and, with proper tailoring, can be altered and worn for a long time. The fabric can also be repurposed. Kimono provides insights into sustainable fashion practices. We are engaged in kimono reuse initiatives, aiming to promote the sustainability principles inherent in kimono while preserving its cultural heritage.

We are here to support and provide
everyone around the world
an opportunity to experience and enjoy the art of kimono.

Noriaki Terakawa
Shinseijitsugyo Co., Ltd.

Despite having no prior experience or connections, I jumped into the world of kimono by following my passion for the art and the industry with a clean slate. Free from the industry’s constraints, I attentively listened to the voices of skilled craftsmen on the front lines and approached the kimono industry from the perspective of both the creators and as well as the customers with the help of my strong desire to share the inherent beauty of kimono, developed by the time-honored techniques, with people from around the world.

Noriaki Terakawa